The Gelsings sing at “Avondlicht”

A few times a year Cagemax organizes an evening full of music at “Avondlicht”, a home for elderly in Herwijnen. At November 10th, 2015 the Gelsings were asked to perform. Because of the fact that a few members of the group and/or family have lived in Herwijnen, the Gelsings were very happy to take the honour to do so.

A special repertoire was put together for this evening. While residents and caregivers enjoyed their glass of wine or “advocaatje” (a Dutch treat), they could listen to all well known songs from Dutch artists, e.g. Willeke Alberti and Ramses Shaffy. After getting accustomed to the loud music, they even sang along and moved carefully on the songs.

We are pretty sure of the fact that as well the residents as the Gelsings very much enjoyed this unique performance!