Cagemax friendship cup celebrates the 5th anniversary!

Faithful to tradition, every year on Ascension Day, the Cagemax football tournament takes place at the football  club Herovina in Herwijnen. In past years it has become evident that this combination of football combined with sociability and entertainment guarantees an enjoyable evening.

This year, in addition to a Cagemax men’s and ladies’ team, also 7 other teams were participating. Each year there are more teams wanting to take part.

The weather cooperated and the matches went quite reasonable for the Cagemax team. Although the finals were not reached, at least both teams scored!

After the tournament (and the BBQ), the starting shot was given for a big party, which was set in a musical backdrop by national ànd international top performers: Belle Perez, Robbie Williams and final performer Frans Duijts! The party went on till the early hours of the morning.

But the social commitment of Cagemax here, is also shown in a different way. All the registration fees and revenues from the lottery benefit (assistance dog). This amount has been doubled by Cagemax. Also Herovina donates part of the bar revenue (0,10ct per sold consumption) to this foundation. We are pleased to report that will receive a financial contribution of €5.190,- !

In all aspects a very successful party. Already we are looking forward to next year.